Friday, 6 February 2009

New MG ZR Half Leather Matrix Seats

The seats as standard in the Rover 25 aren't what you'd call inspiring, just run of the mill cloth, non sport seats. They were quite comfy, in the same way your Nan's three piece suite is, however, there is little to no support, and not even a hint of sportiness.

On a complete spur of the moment I searched eBay for some half (faux) leather 'Matrix' MG ZR seats. These are standard fit in the MG ZR 105 and ZR+, but most people try to upgrade to the 'Monaco' full leather seats which were standard fit in the ZR 160 and optional on the other models.

It was the same story for the 16" Hairpin alloy wheels, as most people are upgrading from them, there are quite a few sets knocking about. However, not many in the grey pattern I had found, which were the exact ones I wanted.

MG ZR Rover 25 Half Leather grey Matrix seats

I bid on the set and managed to get an absolute bargain, £93 for a full set of MG ZR Matrix seats taken from an 04 plate in mint condition. Result.

MG ZR Half Leather grey Matrix seats

The seller, Justin, was a really nice guy, he even delivered them just 2 hours after I had won them on eBay, on a Sunday night no less!

Not being a smoker, the fact they properly smelt of smoke put me off installing them for two weeks while I tried every method under the sun to get rid of the smell.

A considerable number of dousings with Febreze and numerous shampoos later I finally got them smelling a bit sweeter. To finish them off I used some Meguiars Rubber and Vinyl Protectant, which really brought up the faux leather parts.

Now smelling a darn site better, and all cleaned up, it was just a case of getting them fitted. So out came the old seats.

Old seats

Rover 25 standard cloth seats

Rover 25 cloth rear benchRover 25 cloth front seat

After taking the old seats out I gave the whole carpet a good vacuum and cleaned up the dash and console.

Rover 25 Seats Removed

Rover 25 Seats RemovedRover 25 Handbrake

All areas now thoroughly spring cleaned, the new seats went in.

MG ZR Half Leather Matrix SeatsMG ZR Half Leather Matrix Seats

MG ZR Half Leather Matrix SeatsMG ZR Rover 25 Half Leather Matrix Rear Seats

What a massive improvement, not only do they look better but they are much more comfortable and feel a lot sportier. With a lower to the ground seating position the car feels quicker, and with the large, firm bolsters the seats hug you round the bends, really making you and the car feel planted on the road. Another highly recommended upgrade that you must do if you get chance.

Would you have hung on and paid more for a seat of Monaco's or are you like me and prefer the Matrix seats? Let me know in the comments below.

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