Saturday, 11 April 2009

Seat Leon Cupra R Custom Moulded Splitter

Picked up an LCR splitter from a Seat main dealer for £21, after seeing them fitted to quite a few MG ZR's. I wasn't over keen with how most people had just bolted it on, I wanted a more OEM feel, so I got to work moulding it on. I offered it up and found an excessive amount of force was needed to hold it in place how I wanted it.

To achieve the tight moulded fit to the MG ZR lower splitter, I had to whip out the old heat gun and set about moulding it.

After quite some faffing, it now fits with no gaps even in the upsweeps which is how I wanted it to look, as if it was actually made for the car. On top of adding to the race graphic of the car, it's also a nice edition to the black and red theme.

Centre mounts cut

Centre marked off


Well out of shape from the amount of bending taken place

Gadget made to straighten things out

Centre mounts filled and drilled to attach to bumper

Test fit


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