Saturday, 12 June 2010

Exhaust Manifold Heatshield Refurbished

Was a nice day today so decided to get some spraying done. Went to halfords and picked up some Halfords Very High Temperature Paint - Aluminium and set about removing the exhaust manifold heatshield.

The heatshield was fairly rusty and looked very scruffy in the engine bay. So it was about time it had a bit of a freshen up.

Removing it was simple enough once I figured out the best way to get at the bolts, of which there were two bolts and one nut. Then it just came away.

To get some of the surface rust off I used a wire brush, I didn't go at it too hard as the thing isn't all that strong. Not to mention the bottom fixing looked dubiously weak. So after a quick scrub up I sprayed it, gave it two coats just to make sure.

Rover 25 Exhaust Manifold Heatshield

I will be adding a guide on how to remove this part and what tools you will need, for my service guide.

In the mean time check out the photos below of the outcome.

Before (left) and After (right)

Rover 25 Engine BayRover 25 Engine Bay

Rover 25 Exhaust Manifold Heatshield


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